Session Review and Selection Process, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Call for proposal announcement by the organiser is first step to invite the session from prospective speakers
  • Session details are filled by interested speakers at the conference website’s “Call for Proposal” section
  • Session details are assessed for the fitness for the conference by the reviewer team
  • Review Criteria is based on evaluating sessions on aspects like
    • Proven Concept
    • Innovative Idea
    • Applicability & Implementation Guidance
    • Valuable Takeaway
    • Relevance to the theme
    • Quality of session content
    • Concrete Deliverables
    • Value for Time Investment
    • Certifying Metrics & Measurable Outcome
    • Articulation and Exemplars
    • Speaking Expertise
  • Basis the first round of review, sessions are categorized in 3 major types;
    • Recommended. Session is shortlisted and reviewers may work with speakers to create final session as needed
    • Not Recommended. Session is not shortlisted and speakers are informed about it
    • Need More Information. Session has some potential and reviewers need more information to decide as well as may need to work with speakers to create final session if shortlisted
  • Review feedback as mentioned above is shared with speakers and speakers are asked to share more information for respective sessions if shortlisted
  • Session speakers if needed re-work on respective sessions based on feedback shared by reviewers and share updated sessions
  • Updated sessions are scheduled for a dry run presentation by speakers with the reviewer team
  • Final recommendations are made basis on additional information shared and reviewer’s feedback for the dry run of the session presentations
  • Sessions are developed by speaker with support from reviewers until conference day. This is only in case few small important updates are pending and thus reviewers mentor the session until finalization, however, the content and materials need to be ready by all speakers as it is communicated by conference organiser
  • Final presentation material must be produced as per copyright to Agile Network India and must be shared to the organiser by the selected speakers as per set schedules
  • Program schedule is announced incrementally with session details and speaker details by the organiser
  • Conferences are commenced as per agreed program schedule and speakers agree to deliver the sessions at the conferences
  • Post conferences material like session PDF, Video and Images are made available to Agile Network India Subscribers with explicit copyright information


This review and selection process is designed to provide a general guideline to everyone about various steps of review process and set the expectations in context of the conference. Any specific conference may have its own custom approach.

A session selection is a relative assessment of submitted proposals to finalize the limited number of possible sessions in a conference. The only objective of the review process is to find quality sessions for the conference, and this review process does not assess, evaluate or endorse any individual’s candidature and respect the personal views about any subject, idea or concept submitted.

Participating in the process as a potential speaker means you are fully aware and accept to participate in the review process, ready to accept the session feedback and mention & respect correct copyrights, open for rejections in case your session proposal is not recommended by review team, committed to present your session at the conference incase recommended by the review team and ready to be mentored for improving your session as suggested by the review team.

Conference reviewer and organiser teams are independent community facilitators and do not represent any organisation as part of review process.

Review process requires approximately 8 to 10 hours of commitment per week for each of reviewers, volunteers and organisers for offline review task and web collaboration calls with rest of the reviewers and discussions with speakers for producing a great conference session.

Reviewers are expected to build the conferences awareness in community along with their commitment to review process.